Karla J. Eckardt

Karla began working at our firm in 2011 as an intern while earning her degree at Florida State University. Later on that year she went on to graduate from FSU, receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in International Affairs and Criminology with a concentration in Economics and Political Science. Since then, Karla has been working as a legal assistant and most recently as notary for the Mooney law firm, serving as our liaison between clients and staff. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Karla enjoys interacting with our clients and facilitating office management duties. Those duties include, but are not limited to, legal research, preparing case summaries, drafting legal pleadings, and more.

Legal Assistant


Xue Jiang

Xue received her law degree in China before deciding to move to the United States in 2011, to further her education and degree. She pursued her LLM in American Law for Foreign Lawyers at Florida State University, which she earned in 2013. In 2014, Xue joined our staff as our Clerical Intern where she continues to carry out a variety of legal and office business operations in support of Mooney Law. Xue received her Juris Doctor degree in May 2015.


Clerical Intern