About the Firm

The Mooney Law Firm was born from years of practical experience in international trade, freight, and logistics. Neil Mooney, as a Customs broker and ocean intermediary, operated a successful group of companies in customs brokerage, freight forwarding, non-vessel operating common carriage and bonded warehousing in Miami for 24 years prior to becoming a lawyer. Since 1999 the law firm’s practice has grown, and today it represents multinational corporations as well as individual clients.

To The Mooney Law Firm, there is no “typical client.” It understands that clients in search of trade counsel have unique legal and business needs. It seeks win-win solutions, and stands ready to promptly seek redress in court while the remedy you require is still available. At the same time, the firm will exhaust all reasonable settlement avenues before encouraging litigation. Neil Mooney has been a Florida Supreme Court Civil certified mediator, and encourages alternative dispute resolution. The Mooney Law Firm works with its clients at every stage, and is always striving to explain both the law and our legal services in a straightforward manner.

The Mooney Law Firm represents clients on federal administrative matters such as those concerning the regulations of Customs and Border Protection, the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Maritime Commission, and export controls regardless of which port of entry or export is concerned or where the client is physically located. This includes ALL national ports including air, sea and rail. Please contact Neil Mooney today to set up an initial consultation either by e-mail or telephone. Se habla español.