Areas of Practice

At The Mooney Law Firm, the Customs and international trade lawyer, Neil Mooney, has over 40 years of hands-on experience with foreign trade and transport. The firm’s international practice addresses the full range of legal issues that arise from trade in goods and services across international boundaries, including Customs Issues, Federal Maritime Commission and Export Regulation.

The Mooney Law Firm represents its clients in enforcement matters, seizures, and other disputes with the U.S. government or private parties, advises its clients on compliance planning and audit activities, and helps them manage the importation of merchandise by using effective and compliant entry information and strategies.

In the constantly developing and crucial area of Export Controls, Neil will work with you to develop and implement strong compliance programs, which seamlessly weave together critical areas of export controls such as licensing, denied party screening, and reporting of export information to the government to the satisfaction of OFAC, BIS, and the Department of State. The Mooney Law Firm’s  clients benefit in avoiding sanctions to handling complex and sensitive export enforcement matters.

The Mooney Law Firm’s clients include U.S. and international corporations, trade associations, non-governmental organizations, and business professionals working in industries, markets, and countries that span the realm of international trade.