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Customs Issues

Neil Mooney is not only a lawyer, but has been a licensed Customs broker since 1978. We provide experienced services relating to:​

Currency Seizures.

  • Customs Penalties and Liquidated Damages (CBP Fines, Penalties & Forfeitures).
  • Valuation.
  • Tariff Classification.
  • Section 301 Duties and Exemptions.
  • Anti-Dumping and CVD Duties and Investigations.
  • Import/Export Compliance.
  • Allegations relating to Forced Labor content in merchandise.
  • Preference Programs.
  • Country of Origin/Marking Determinations.
  • Foreign Trade Zones.
  • Customs Penalty and Customs Seizure settlement; FDA and EPA penalty settlements.
  • Recovery of seized assets; including cash and goods.
  • Obtaining authorization for “Gray Market” importations with both Customs and FDA.
  • On-site Import Compliance Audits, FMC Compliance Audits, and Export (BIS) Compliance Audits.
  • Duty Drawback consultation.
  • Protests of adverse Customs actions; including duty assessment, detention of merchandise, Customs penalties and Civil Asset Forfeitures.
  • Obtaining Customs licenses and permits, bonding of Carriers and Warehouses.
  • Defending Customs Broker license revocation actions.
  • Trademarks: obtaining and Enforcement, USA and Worldwide.
  • Copyright: Obtaining and  Enforcement.
  • CBP Trademark Recordation.
  • Resolving CBP Intellectual Property Penalties.